How to bathe a newborn

Giving bath to the baby:

Giving bath to the baby nourishes and moisturizes the skin and prevents them from dryness and irritation. Proper care should be taken when giving bath to a baby.

  1. First and foremost preparation is very important before you take the baby to bath. Things such as bath towel, cream, lotion, non chemically treated moisturizer, new set of dress, and diapers should be kept ready.
  2. Setting the temperature to 120degree Fahrenheit and not more than that to avoid skin burns known as eczema.
  3. The baby should be handled very gently and carefully.
  4. Most parents find it easier to bathe a newborn in a sink or bath tub. Fill the basin with 2 inches of water that feels warm and place your baby inside with one hand behind the neck. Gently wash the baby by slowly splashing water in its body.
  5. You can use soft towels or cotton balls to wipe the baby’s eyes and ears.
  6. Then you can use baby soap and gently rub with your hands, behind the ears, and face without disturbing the eye which can cause eye irritation and may lead to fuzziness.
  7. If it is necessary to wash the baby’s hair, lean the baby back and gently pour a cup of water and massage the hair and scalp with a mild shampoo.
  8. Lift the baby from the tub and wrap him/her with the towel and bring it back to the room. Make sure the temperature of the room is warm. You can even switch off the fan or ac to prevent the baby from cold shivers.
  9. When you give a head bath make sure you towel dry the head first and then the body. Wipe the moisture all over the baby’s body. Do not use any kind of dryers over the baby.
  10. Dab a little of lotion or cream if you want to apply over the baby. Slowly rub it all over body let it dry.
  11. Always use comfortable clothes for the baby. Cotton is the best choice of material for the soft skin. Snaps are always best instead of buttoned clothes.
  12. If you are using diaper make sure you change it every 2 hours and immediately after a pee to avoid infection which may lead to diaper rash.
  13. In case of a diaper rash you can use creams before wearing the diaper.
  14. Do not take the baby to bath when he/she is hungry. This may cause fuzziness while taking bath. Feed your baby well.
  15. Do not leave the baby inside the tub, in case if there an emergency always carry the baby along with you by wrapping him/her by a towel. Never ever leave the baby alone in the tub, not even for a second.

Bathing is a relaxing way to prepare the baby for sleep and should be given at a time that’s convenient for you.  Keeping the baby clean and dry is also important because hygiene plays a major role in keeping the baby active.


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