Taking care of the baby:

Intensive care should be given to the baby and hence there is a panel to take care of them.

Neonatal nurse practitioner:

Specialized nurse who is well trained in neonatology to take care of the baby in NICU.


Head doctor who is specialized in intensive care of the baby.

Physical therapist:

A person who helps to maintain baby’s maximum movement and functional ability in the NICU.

Respiratory therapist:

A person who monitors babies breathing activities in the intensive care unit.

Despite of them there will be various specialists to take care of baby’s heat, neural systems and the brain.

The nurses help to make the babies stay in the nursery as comforting as possible for the baby as well as their families. The nurses will explain what the machines will do and their functions to the families to make them free from all the hustles.


Machines play an important role in the NICU. The following are the machines used inside the care unit.


Premature babies are very often placed inside an incubator. An incubator is used to do the exact job a mother’s womb does and provides an optimal growing environment for the baby.

Feeding tubes:

NICU babies cannot get as many calories as they get through the normal feeding from a bottle, so the nurses will use a small feeding tube to deliver formula or breast milk.The tube is placed into the baby’s stomach through the mouth or through the nose.


These are small beds made by plastic. Since they have difficulty in maintaining their body temperature. Holes in the isolettes allow access to the infants so the nurses and doctors can examine the infants and parents can touch their babies.


Babies need a warm environment known asneutral-thermal environment. The temperature of the infant warmer can be adjusted to optimize the condition of the infant versus the temperature of the room.


Oxygen flow is very important for the growing babies. The baby’s lungs start to mature to a point where it can breathe by its own.The nurse will begin to wean her off the ventilator make it feel comfortable.


Monitors in the NICU display your baby’s pressure, heart and breathing rate and even the level of the oxygen in the blood.

Infusion pump:

The infusion pump monitors the food intake to the body. It provides the optimal amounts needed so that a small mistake make lead to serious mis happening. Proper safety features are fitted inside the pump so that it takes care of how much medication is needed depending upon the prescription


Some babies have jaundice which is a common condition where the skin turns yellow. Phototherapy is used to help get rid of the bilirubin that causes jaundice. The infants might lie on a special light therapy blanket and have lights attached to their beds .photo therapy is extended for a limited days only.


  • Mothers older than 40 years
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • More amniotic fluid
  • High blood pressure
  • diabetes

Factors which affects the baby:

  • low birth weight
  • birth defects
  • hypoglycemia
  • rapid breathing
  • birth at gestational age less than 37 weeks

These factors are common which cause the premature birth and as result these babies are kept in neonatal intensive care unit. There is no need to worry just because your baby is sent into this unit. At most care will be given to help the baby to recover and come back to normal. It may vary from days to weeks depending upon the condition of the baby. All you need to give is care and support to your baby throughout the process.




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