Overuse of mobile phones and its health hazards

Vision damage:

Eyes are organs which react to light and pressure. Mobile’s radiation inhibits both and no one knows for sure at this point if prolonged use of digital devices actually causes permanent damage to the eyes. The symptoms can include blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, or even long-term nearsightedness may accrue over a period of days or months.

Here are five super quick and easy ways to give your eyes a break and to safeguard yourself from many risky factors.

  1. Don’t hold your mobile phones or any hand held devices very close to your eyes. Keep a minimal distance of at least 10 inches away from you.
  2. Maintain your phones brightness level adjusting to the environment around you and the fonts big enough to read comfortably.
  3. Eyes could be affected with prolonged use of mobile phones in the dark. This habit may not cause enough damage that can lead to permanent vision loss if a person uses it occasionally. But it would definitely strain the eyes. So avoid using it in the dark.
  4. Take a break and relax. Spending quality time with your family and playing outside will reduce stress and increases your performance hence getting you out of addiction.
  5. Blinking often looks beautiful but also brings back the blink rate to normal and also relaxes the muscles in your eye.

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