Psychological stress refers to series of events which develop after a negative strategy. This may be due to relationship conflicts, loneliness, unemployment, financial crisis, humiliation, loss of relationship, working parents, etc. It depends upon our mood and medical conditions however long term stressed individuals often suffer from health complications. Self esteem and personal control are the two characteristics associated with stress. Each one of this has its own duration and treatment. Changing the mindset reduces its effects and enhances its liveliness and performance of its individuals.

The most dangerous impact of psychological stress may lead to anger and frustration which eventually leads to suicide. This happens when there is a prolonged negative life event. Question all your assumptions and replace it  positive thought.

Overcoming psychological stress:


People who tend to have more leisure time very commonly have many chances to keep thinking about the same series of events continuously and tend to develop more stress.

To fight this back engage yourself in a work in which you would love to do. It may be gardening, talking with your pets, or a leisure walk.

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