Losing weight is a myth for everyone. Scratching out new things which ever had a impact? Our body is subjected to convert all the food we intake into energy. This process is known as metabolism. Ever wondered why there a sudden halt in the body no matter what exercise you do or what diet you follow? The duration in which your body weight does not increase nor decrease but maintains the same level is known as weight loss plateau.

There are five simple steps to break off weight loss plateau:

Cut high calorie food:

Track your food intake if you are not already doing. High calories are found in juices than in fruits. Instead of drinking water melon juice eat the fruit so that your calorie intake will be reduced. Grab an apple, orange, sapodilla, or any kind of fruits instead of drinking it as a juice.

Skipping breakfast:

Skipping your breakfast and directly having your brunch is the worst thought ever. Many think that eating two times a day will bring down their weight but it’s certainly not, you will tend to put on more. Never skip your breakfast. When you skip it, you will tend to be more hungry later and you will tend to consume more amount of food and as a result you will end up in consuming high calories. So beware!!


Starvation can lead to a reduced resting metabolic rate. When you starve essential nutrients like vitamins and potassium are not consumed and leads to blood pressure. Controlled dieting such as starving for long hours in order to reduce weight is not a good sign. You will end up in various medical complications. Opt for a balanced diet to lose weight.

Drink lots of water:

Drinking adequate amount of water gets rid of waste through sweat and urination and helps to burn calorie too. Eating water rich foods will help you as well. Drinking two cups of water before meals will help you to reduce weight. When your water intake does not equal your output, you can become dehydrated.

Reduce carbohydrate:

Carbohydrates have a huge responsibility to put up body weight. The best way to shed the excess is to cut out refined, dense carbs like baked foods, desserts, breads and include more fiber rich foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, corns, and wheat.

It’s normal for your weight to rise and put off, so don’t feel worried if you see ups and downs in your body. Plateaus can be broken and these can be reduced when the water intake is high, reduced carbohydrates intake, or waste is eliminated from your body in a right way. This can easily be reduced if proper care is taken through your diet and make sure you move in a balanced way.

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